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Commercial Solar Installation

Make Your Roof Work to Pay Your Electric Bill!

What would it mean for you and your business to be able to offset your utilities costs? Excel Home Solar wants to help you invest in your business by going solar!

Don’t let the name fool you, as THE solar solution, we offer solutions for everyone, not just homeowners. Excel Home Solar has the ability and expertise to help businesses become energy independent in whatever way makes sense for them. Solar offers a controlled cost that isn’t based solely on your usage and won’t go up as demand changes, leaving you more time and money to invest in your business.

Commercial solar power is the future of energy.

Commercial solar is
the future of energy.

Over years of research and testing, solar power is now the best choice to provide your business with renewable, clean energy and savings with energy costs. Installed commercial solar panels provide immediate returns on investment and continue to do so in the long term.

You can save money by switching to commercial solar today! We offer a variety of financing options so you can get started without any upfront cost or risk. And if you’re not sure about making the switch to renewable energy, our team will walk you through all your options for getting started with commercial solar in no time at all!

Schedule a call today to learn more about how Excel Home Solar can help make your company greener today!